Un modèle précurseur sur la lumière pour les élèves de 10 à 11 ans : cadres théoriques et méthodologiques



This paper concerns a study about a precursor model on Light and Its Interactions with Transparent or Opaque Objects for 10- 11 year old students. The characteristics of this precursor model are transformed into goals from the activities of the concept of the precursor model. Conducting five sessions with 32 pupils of a terminal class of a public primary school in France, we have tried to (a) drive pupils’ thought to the scientific model by using the precursor model and (b) observe if the pupils adopt the appropriate language for light’s phenomenon .Finally a particular attention is given to the communication between the teacher and the kids for noticing if the teacher can adopt his teaching methods to the ones that we propose.


Precursor model, socio cognitive approach, primary education, light, shadow

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